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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
21 62%
Jackson DK2M Dinky Pro
13 38%
Voters: 34.
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I have had alot of experience with both axes, and I'd say the Hellraiser is better for metal, while the Dinky is more versatile.
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I'd hafta go with the Schecter 100%. Great quality, gorgeous looks, great playabillity, great sound and plus, every other dude plays a dinky, schecters are more unique. however, i suppose it depends on you style and preferences. They play pretty differently so it would be a good idea to play both before you commit.
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Quote by jimmypage5290
(...)plus, every other dude plays a dinky, schecters are more unique.

Please tell me you are joking. the Hellraiser is one of the most mentioned guitars on this forum. I would check them both out. I love the looks and feel of the DK2, and feel its a bit better made and is more versatile IMO. The Schecter is nice, but it doesn't do anything for me (the Jeff Loomis on the other hand...)
I've never been crazy about guitars with EMGs, so Jackson has my vote.
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I love Schecters, but I don't like EMGs, so I say the Jackson wins.

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Well... If you like metal and Metallica stuff then get the Hellraiser, cause EMG's are what a lot of metal players use, Metallica to.
I'm guessing you like Metallica because of your avatar.
I love Jacksons but I am not a fan of the Dinky. I have a few Jacksons and one Schecter. I think the Schecter is much better than the Jackson Dinky IMHO. I got a great deal on my Schecter and I usually do not buy the conventional shaped guitars but after playing the Schecter I had to get it. I think EMG makes great pick ups. I would go with the Hellraiser.
both good guitars, you'll have to try them both though because the main difference i noticed when playing was the schecter had a "baseball bat" neck that i couldnt stand and the jackson had a somewhere between an ibanez and a strat neck which was perfect for me.

but yeah you dont have to worry about either one falling apart or anything like that
They're both very well suited to metal but I think the Dinky is more versatile due to the Jazz in the neck. And Schecters have very fat necks, try one before you buy one, you may not like the neck even if the specs are great.