if you are new to soldering i don't suggest doing this because those 9 pin switches overheat extremely easily when soldering which will destroy them..and they cost like $15 each..

Just ge one thats already moded or have someone who knows soldering really well do it for you.

plus...theres no real point in doing a kit like that to learn how to solder if the only thing youll be soldering is this kit and maybe a wire or two in a years time...

but if you are looking to solder a bunch of things and want to be good at it so you dont destroy the parts by overheating them then go to radioshack or allelectronics.com and get some soldering practice kits...they are fair in price and will allow you to work on something that wont break your good audio pedals when you are learning.
^they aren't $15, more like $5, but yes. the plastic melts lol. it's kinda hard to work on it too cuz they're really small.
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