My uncle was working with a friend of his on a farm. He fell to the ground. His friend called an ambulance, when he got in the ambulance, he was already flatlined. No goodbyes, no one was able to say their farewells. He died doing what he loved, but he died to young. He was one of six, his father died when he was 17 and it was up to him to be the father. he sacrificed an education to raise his siblings, and now he's gone. I just needed to vent..
... i'm so sorry.
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i'm sorry to hear that man...i've already lost two of my uncles

too much death happening in the world of the pit today
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I'm really sorry man.
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the worst part of it all is that his wife, whom he's been an anchor for for years, just lost the one thing that tied her to this world. now that he's gone, I can only expect the worst for her.
He was 58. And in my eyes too young for a man like him to pass. He was a magnificent person, always went out of his way to help others, he was the excact definition of the good samaratin.
I'm crying.
I grew up on a dairy farm. I know the love of life your Uncle had.
Peace to you and your family. I hope your Aunt can find the strength to go on.
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That really sucks dude. My condolences. Seriously. That is a shame. I feel your pain. It was basically the exact same with my grandpa this summer. Just remember the times you had and remember fondly. A tout le monde. A tout mes amis. Jes vous aime. Je dois partir.
the times my uncle and i had were very limited, i grew up in los angeles, and him in a rural outcropping in nebraska. i moved to omaha still hours away from him, the fondest of all memories i'll ever be able to recall of that man was all those times, when i was a young boy and he would take me out into the field and teach me about plants, animals, and life in general. I still remember when him and i would sing sloop john b together, but now it seems as if its all gone