Can't find the tabs anywhere, and I've already figured out the opening riff. Just can't figure out the chords to save my life. And feel no pressure, I just need enough to do a dumbed-down acoustic version.
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^ Yep, that sounds about right.
could you tab out the opening riff? i am having a heck of a time getting it right. it's hard to see what he is hitting off of the youtube videos =(
I tried to submit my tabs last night to one of the sites (I was so drunk and stoned I forgot which one but it should show up sooner or later)

anyways, here is more or less my version of the tabs as helped by my roommate (I've only played a year and a half, he's got 4 years of experience, so about 5 years and a half experience going into this tab ;P)


That seems to be the general riff, if you watch him live, he's actually playing the chords (cause eugene is a gypsy genius) but the notes are the same, the song goes about Am, G, F, E, Am with variations from G back to Am. Technically my tab doesn't have Am but it sounds pretty identical. if you want to add to the sound of it, try playing a powerchord with the slides so:


Hope this helps. cheers to gogol bordello