dunno, this thread really makes you rethink what this pedal's about though. looks like a lot more than your average multi-effect pad.

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I have one and if you don't feel like some good time spent bending and tweaking (im not talking about moving 1 or 2 knobs) then yes, the distortion blows. I myself lack the patience to make it work the majority of the times.

You also made the other gt8 thread asking if it had great cleans as well right? Cleans are ok, i prefer the ones on the Valvetronix.

Actually if you're looking at a multieffect you should also check out the line 6 pod.
It's not bad... there are a few ok-presets, but after half a year i'm selling my gt-8 now and going with single pedals. The distortion of my metal muff is simply better and easier adjustable (for me)
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It all depends on what you're looking for. Are you looking at the GT-8 as an amp simulator, or just an effects box? Either way, there are more than enough distorted tones to push your amp or to stand alone as your amp tone. The end result will be determined mainly by what amp/speaker you push the GT-8 through, as I've stated numerous times on this board and in my GT-8 thread.

I'm biased, I'm not going to lie, but my experiences with the POD were less than stellar. I've seen them in action with others at the helm and they had great results, but as for me personally, the GT-8 is the better unit.
No offense, but if you say the distortion on the GT-8 "blows" you haven't spent enough time with it. Stock presets tend to suck. It takes time to sit down and get good tone out of any quality piece of equipment.