Hey guys I've been playing for a bit less than 2 years
(EDIT: Wow I just looked at my receipt for my old guitar to confirm the 2 years thing,and I just realized that Ive only been playing for a bit more than 1 year(once year and 2 months)
and I did a cover for what I have so far on Jason Becker's Altitudes. I hope you enjoy it!
Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xi_XqniYSps
P.S sry its a bit dark...lol
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You've done a really good job on that. Apart from that little bit at the start, it was very cleanly done. Talk about quick fingers. The tone was a bit sharp, but not terribly harsh. Well done, good job.
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I'm sorry man, but that was horrible, I don't really know how to give you too much advice on this, but to keep practicing. The bends were off, and a bit of the speed runs were off also.

Given that the song is far beyond simple though.
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I dont think it was that horrible dude. It wasnt amazing though either. But ok your opinion is yours.
Also, Thans you ChordProgressiv!

If you like your own tunes, that's all that matters man.

Like I said though, this song, is possibly one of the furthest songs from easy.
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Jackson USA Made SL1 Soloist (SnakeSkin Finish)
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Practice it a lot more first, you have the idea, its just sloppy in some parts.

Did you take lessons, or are you self taught?
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I don't understand why people insist on letting everyone know how long they've been playing. If you've got sick chops, you've got sick chops, who cares how long it took you to get there.

It was cool I guess. You've definitely got a lot of potential to be an awesome player, but I just didn't really see the point. It wasn't really a cover so much as it was a "check it out, I can play the intro to this song."
Well I mean, it would obviously matter if he's trying to play altitudes after playing guitar for a month or two, it would bump my opinion of this cover up a lot higher. He's asking us to rate it, and I need more information to do that.
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