ok guys i found this weird

go find Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused

go until 2:16

u can faintly hear a guy shouting 'mother f***er' haha or something like that
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it says

Lucifer I pray to thee

lol im jk I know someones gonna make it satanic so might as well be me
Yeah, deifnately meant to be there. Never heard it before though. I think he says something, something 'woman'
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its just like after jimmy finishes sighing. lol thats awesome its just like ahhh motherf*****
Hi tom
He yelled "If you wanna be my woman now."

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I'll listen for it...

*hears it*

I've heard it before, I don't really think anything of it. He's definitely not saying Mother Fucker, I think he's saying some later lyrics. Now I'm puzzled: why was it inserted? It obviously wasn't intentional, it occurs while Robert is singing a different thing, so it had to be inserted later. Hmm...

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