I'm looking for a practice amp that can cover a wide range of tones (good tones), that I can play for just bedroom practice and the occasional jam with a band and/or lug to school. I play quite a bit of stuff, from blues to Nile, so I'm going to need some versatility. Good Distortion is a must, though, and I put that before anything else.

I'm eyeing those Spider IIIs, but I've noticed that most of you aren't too fond of it.
do you want a tube amp?are you interested in getting a stack. I have a SpiderII and itll get you a sound your looking for, but id i wouldnt go out a buy another Line6. Theres probably something better. Peavey Marshall Krank VHT probably are known for some good distortion
Hi tom
i'm fond of them the only problem with spider III's are you need at least the 75 watt one to get a good sound outa them. one of my friends has one of the 30 watt ones and it sounds like ****, but me and one of my other friends both have the 75 watt ones and love them
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I play an ESP, Mahogany body, EMGs, etc., I don't really have a budget.

I've never played a full tube amp before, closest I've ever gotten is my AVT20 (which sounds like poo), but sure, and the stacks'll be a pain to move around (I'm 14ish, can't lift 100 pounds too well).
I like my Spider III 75W.

Problem is, you don't really need 75W, and this sucker is heavy. Plus it's not that durable.

I'd go with a Peavey or Crate if I were you. Crates are cheap but not the greatest sounding. Peaveys are my personal faves.
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Spider III is a good amplifier if it's the sound you like! People need to stop attacking them, really.

I have a Spider III HD150 with a 4x12 cab, and it's amazing, I love it. Just play what you like, and don't attack other people for what they like.
People say they sound like crap at higher volumes. Is this true?
In that case, I'm thinking of maybe getting a Peavey 6505. But as aforementioned, I can't lift half stacks around too well, so are there smaller alternatives to the cabs?

How much does your cab affect your tone?
A head and 1x12 cab will be amazingly portable. Moreso than a 1x12 combo amp. Just watch the speaker. And the cab and speaker are the centerpiece of your tone. Not too many people are up on that yet.
i herd u liek mudkipz.

And yeah, they do.
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peavy bandit if you insist on going new. A classic 30 can run you less if you go used, and is 30 all-tube watts, loud enough to gig with (even at large places if you mic it through a PA and put in a really nice speaker) and pretty versatile.

the bandit is a really nice solid state amp, still loud enough for gigs.

if you want something cheaper, and don't wanna gig, I really recommend the Epiphone Valve Junior Combo or stack. The combo is like $150, and is 5 all tube watts (can be louder than a SS 15 watt amp) and the stack ($250 I think) has a better quality speaker. This is by far a better amp than the bandit, but the bandit can go louder.

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Will I be able to get the peavey tone out of the 6505 at bedroom volumes?
try a multi effects processer on a combo amp wih good clean tone.
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Will my amp's tone affect the tone of the Multi Effects Processor?

I'm looking at the POD XT right now, does anything have something to say about it?
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The opposite. The multi will affect the amps tone adversely.