Tonerider Pickups

I got several sets of Tonerider pickups in. These are the bomb for the money. To check out descriptions and sound clips go to www.tonerider.com




New Prices. Go to http://rhfactorguitars.mybisi.com/ to purchase!

New Prices below! Per Set!

Strat: 100.00
Tele: 80.00
P-90 Soapbar Hybrid: 78.00
P-90 Rebel: 98.00
Jazz Plus Bass: 80.00
Precision Bass: 45.00
Humbuckers Uncovered: 78.00
Humbuckers Covered: 98.00

Priced well below list Prices Includes Shipping! Price Listed is for a Complete Set!

To ask a question email me at tonerider@rhfactorguitars.com

Well guys, I have been conducting some research on the Trem King tremolo for some time now and I think this tremolo is absolutely awesome so I became a dealer. I have them in stock but limited quantities. You can check them out at http://www.tremking.com/index.html and they have a you have to see! They also have instillation instructions on the web site if you are curious. Pictures and Pricing below, PM or email me if interested. Price includes free shipping CONUS.
This video below explains the operation of the tremolo.

Strat Trems:


The TK-1 is a drop in replacement for most vintage style tremolo units. Some routing inside the spring cavity may be needed on certain models.

TK-1-CR: 111.97
TK-1-BK: 118.97
TK-1-GD: 125.97

Tele Trems:


This model is designed for guitars that have a slanted single coil pickup at the bridge that mounts to the bridge plate. The vibrato works exactly the same as the TK-1, but uses a different bridge plate. Routing of a spring cavity is necessary for installation of this unit.

TK-2-CR: 125.97
TK-2-BK: 132.97
TK-2-GD: 139.97

Universal Trem:


This model is designed for other style solid-body guitars with no existing trem route. This model features a smaller footprint than traditional trems and requires LESS body routing than traditional trems.

TK-3-CR: 118.97
TK-3-BK: 125.97
TK-3-GD: 132.97
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Are the firepower humbuckers gone or what? Ive asked many times about them...
What if you just wanted one Generator Humbucker for the bridge position, uncovered, in black? How much would that cost a fella?