How would I write awsome riffs?
So when I sit down to write some crazy riffs for my band, I just mess around until I find something that sounds good. Granted, I have written some pretty awsome riffs this way, but its just random and doesn't pertain to the song that I'm writing for.
So I've tried everything, the afore-mentioned randomness, playing from my mind (it doesn't even SOUND remotley like of what I planned in my mind), and even programmed a random riff creator in BlitzBasic (it sux...'nuff said), and none of this really works. Soo...
How do you guys write riffs, and what kinda tips can you give me?
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You take the scale the song is written in, and you experiment with it.

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i do know music theory, i can read music, im pretty advanced in it.
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ramdomly playing around is the way to go. unless your in a prog band then you just find like 8000000 riffs that go well with each other.
try and sing a melody, then play it. Works awesome. Then add a little shredding or whatever you want to . Don't try and play a special style, be your own. Copying is always some ****.
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