It always seems when a band releases an album, they always release a special 'Japan Special Version' with a (or some) bonus song(s).

the question is simple, why?
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Offerings so that they will share their technology with us.

But in all seriousness, I don't know myself. I never really noticed until you brought that up.
Don't quote me on this but alot of bands probably don't tour there, unless they're bigger there then anywhere else. Compensation to the fans perhaps?
because its cheaper for them to buy it from North America and ship it there.

I'm pretty sure thats why.
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because its cheaper for them to buy it from North America and ship it there.

I'm pretty sure thats why.

something like that..... i think its also got to do with bootlegging
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In Japan, CD's are hella expensive. It's like 3000 yen or more for an album, which is at least $26. A SINGLE will cost about 1200-1300 yen, or a little over $10. I heard it's because the government taxes it. So artists add s*** so people will buy it.
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contrary to popular belief, in japan they purchase compact disks
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Could be tariffs, or that Japanese fans are so devoted to the bands and its a good place for the bands to play.
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Well the japanese apreciated metal very much since the 80s to now while in most other countrys metal is unpopular and not many big labels will release it.
So i guess thats one reason