Hi, i recently started to learn some Mayer's acoustic songs and although i have 4 years playing (more lead stuff than strumming), i find it quite challenging. Mainly because of the uncommon chord's shape (never used my thumb to fret before) that cover all the fretboard in every John Mayer song. For example, i started learning St. Patrick's Day and it took me like 2 months to get the majority of the chord's change smooth and i still working on it.
It just me or those John Mayer's songs are not the usual "easy strumming song to learn"?.
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well he is a very good guitar player i know that,but i never really listin to his originial music,just watched em playin improv..
He's a very skilled guitar player, and from what I've heard an accomplished jazz player as well. That's where those unusual chords are coming from.

He's also a prick. He radiates douche-bagness from the stage, but I still respect him as a player.
hees does some really wierd faces when he plays
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I definately know what you mean, just about all of Mayer's songs use some crazy chords. They are really difficult to play, but that usually makes it an awesome sounding song. Take a look at "No Such Thing" and "3x5"