Ok so currently i have a Gibson ES-135 w P-90s and i need some suggestions on what amp would make this guitar really shine in a clean sound? Im kinda thinking some fender amp, Mesa's are out of the question way to expensive and i know fenders are known for their clean sounds but i know there are others out there. any suggestions on amps oh yea a tube amp too thanks
Definitely Fender, or a Vox AC30. What kind of situation (bedroom, gigs, etc)?
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i for sure say fender but what wattage range?
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well, they don't have as good a clean as a fender, but the peavey classics have a pretty good clean, and a better overdrive by a large margin. Although I'm assuming you don't care about the overdrive, so just get a fender hot rod or something like that. Blues Junior if its too loud.

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mainly for a bedroom but im just starting to go and jam with friends and hopefully one day maybe some gigs but i like playing it loud i was kinda thinkin like a hot Rod Deville or Deluxe?basically i want something used cuz new stuff is way to expensive for me dont really care how old the amp is prolly around 40-60 watts around there
yea i have an od pedal i really dont care about the OD channel
P90's are going to sound great through a Fender tube for blues or classic rock. What kind of music are you playing?
^Clean covers a lot of genres, and all cleans are not equal, especially when the question of amp versatility arises. Does someone want only cleans, or other options as well.
^Yes I know but clean amps such as Fender Blackfaces and AC30s can give you every clean you want.
^No they can't. It depends on how loud you want it and what the individual defines as "clean."
a lot, classic rock, jam band stuff, and classical theres a lot that i like to play