ok so the title pretty well tells the tale. BUT,(theres always that 'but' isnt there??) my price range is very limited (like$200-$300), i may be able to discuss some effects trades or somthing to lower the price. it doesnt matter if its a Epi or a gibson. keep in mind i WILL look up any and all items for original price. if any damages or anything else are on it i would like to know befor purchase. possible payment arrangement would be apreciated(as an option mostly incase i dont have the cold hard cash).also PLEASE post pictures of the guitar, otherwise i may not be interested

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Epiphone Limited Edition Custom Shop Goldtop SG w/ GFS crunchy paf/vintage split upgraded humbuckers, excellent condition. Asking $350 payment could be made via paypal or postal money order. Let me know, thanks.
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