I heard it's in a different tuning, most likely a half step down from standard.

Believe me I tried, and all I could figure out were the first two chords, I think. It looks like an Am and C but without the C note on the second string for both chords. Can someone please help me figure out the rest?
bump =/. I saw that one tab on google with the heavily messily formatted text, but it just doesn't sound right.

The world is full of noise yeah

I thought I heard you whisper, it happens all the time
|---x---1---0---| (add a 2 to the G after a bar)

It's half step down. The first chord of the prechorus is wrong, but it sounds OK. My high e string is broken right now so I couldn't tab it with confidence. I'll get around to updating this in a few days.
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There is another way I have seen which I think sounds really good, and is pretty easy:

tune down 1/2 step, same first two chords as above, but then try this for the chorus, starting with "the world is full of noise, yeah"

l---0----5---10------- -l
l---7----0---0------5-- l
l---------------------3-- l
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