rant time.
I'm pissed off, I got up at 8:50 to get foo fighters tickets which went on sale at 9.00
The website was busy for about 3-5 minutes but I got on and ordered the tickets, but it said "there is a problem with your order."
Did that 2 more times and I phoned them and they said they're sold out, and there's no tickets ordered under my address.

Who shall I be mad at....
ah yes, ticket touts.
There is more than one ticket site, you know.

Seetickets only list a Nottingham show but they have them on sale.
<Dobzilla> because "when you were born, they thought yo' momma shit herself."
<Frehnchy> ...
<esther_mouse> ...
<Rankles> ...
<RaNdOm-FeLiX> ...
Don't want seating

The extra nottingham date was just added today, which is what I was trying to buy.
And it says they're on sale, but when you order it comes up with "there is a problem with your order."
Tried 4 times, and my friend tried once. Now I'm depressed.
Maybe the website is just messed up, I wouldn't of thought the foos tickets would sell out so fast.

They always have front row seats for sale on ebay. They may put them up a few days before the concert so keep checking.