this is great =]
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aww this is cute. i caught a bearded dragon a little bigger than this one the other day, it was on the side of a creek and i jumped in to get it, let it go but. called it larry, love lizards!
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that's terribly cute
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crazy cat.

your lizard appears very docile. either than or it's very used to the cat.
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Aww kitteh!

.Brand New.Bright Eyes.This Will Destroy You.

You offical just made a new Penis name - Bearded Dragon

So how often does that cat play with your bearded dragon???
It mucks around with him a lot. She knows not to claw him or hit him hard. As you can see, she is almost scared of him. Haha. She plays with my turtle as well

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more popular than I expected.
you named your lizard cedrick winters
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Nice beardie!Gold morph?
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Its a Central Bearded Dragon. It used to be quite dark but once he got to about 6 months old he became a really sandy gold color. Its one of th nicest if seen in real life and not online. Its funny because his sister which we also have is the same color as orange desert sand, really rich orange.
I hated cats until this moment!
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My kitten playing with my lizard (bearded dragon)

sounds wrong doesn't it

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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day


They are a pretty good pet. It's funny because after about 3 months they actually like you and want you to get them out and pat them and stuff. Mine runs onto my hand when I put it in the tank. Costs a bit to set up initially but after that its cheap. All you need to do is buy them silkworms once or twice a week and just cut a bit off your veges and fruit before you cook it or eat it and give it to them.