So i manged to break the cheapo volume pot on my black Russian Muff, I know, I know. Shocker, right? So in my boredom, I have decided to re-house the damn thing, replace the cheap pots, and also add a Boss-style AC jack. As this is my first pedal mod, I do have a few Q's for the pros here.

A.) What can I use as standoffs for the PCB? I do plan on using the in and out jacks, not feeling brave enough to de-solder and replace those yet.
B.) Does the 1590NS enclosure have enough room to house the Muff?
C.) Where the bloody hell do I mount a battery holder, and how?
D.) Do these come with a bottom cover, or must I make one?

Pics to follow in the morning.
Ok. Finally got a pic of the damn thing, can't seem to get the screwdriver to grip the crappy screws in the top. Any ideas guys? Also working on a GIMP mockup of the final re-house, and starting the stripping of my ESP (another thread).

For now, just gonna do the follwing:

black paintjob
inverted pentagram graphic in 3-pack chameleon paint
new neutrik in/out jacks
AC power jack
new 100k pots
new knobs

swap the red LED for a purple or UV LED
You realize a UV LED won't emit visible light?

And how big is the board in the muff?
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^lol at above. I'm assuming that you mean a black-light, and if you find one in LED form, you must tell us where to get one!

But yeah, i have the russian muff, and i love the tone that comes out of it, and hate the size of the case. If you're re-housing it anyways, have you thought of adding a small and simple booster before the muff circuit? i've always felt my muff lacked some punch, and feel like a good treble or mid booster might push it in the right direction.
^that's some hotass pickup right there.

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