Hey i'm a begginner and im trying to learn how to slap.
I think a lot of my problem is not bouncing off the string properly each time and rythm.
ANyway please feel free to point out any problems or give advice on any aspect of bass. Please give as much as you can, feel free to go off on a tangent coz i might find it useful later on. And remember i'm a beginner so please don't overlook basic things because they might not be as obvious to me as to u.

Here's the vid


Thanks for your time!
firstly, you picked a great bass for slap, that pickup combo gives a great sound.

second, the technique looks ok. you're supposed to be hitting the string with the joint where the very end part of your thumb meets the other bit. if you know what i mean. (yust as if you dont). apart from that, maybe just relax your wrist more, concentrate on getting power into the slap so it bounces off more naturally and you can get the next one in faster.

third, learn aeroplane, by the chilis. its not to fast and really satisfying.

good luck and keep practicing

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I think your main problem is not slapping - it's the rythem. You lose it too much. Best advice i can give you on that is to start practicing with a mertonome.

About the slapping, to get a fuller sound, you should slap much lower with your right hand - have your elbow hanging almost over the bridge and slap in that position.
if you go closer to the bridge you will bounce of harder and so don't have to use strength to pull your hand back

just go futher towards the bridge and at one moment you feel like you got it, if you have that your allready halfway there

Slapping is meant to be at the neck though, if he slaps at the bridge he wont get the clank sound, which makes slap sound good IMO. Also, popping is ALOT harder at the bridge.

Your thumb looks like its really really tensed up, like you're trying to curve it. Relax your thumb. Not sure if its just the video, but you look like you're playing with your middle finger and pinky finger, try to use your index and pinky, makes it alot easier.

Also, what the others said. Use a metronome. Try slapping easier songs, eg seven nation army, smoke on the water, at slow speeds, just to try get the technique right before you start learning complex (for slap beginners) riffs.
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I have slapped now for over 2 years and I always but I really mean always slapped at the bridge ( a well nog totally at the bridge mostly between the two pups) but I think that sounds much much better the touching the string on your fretboard
that's also just my opinion so

and my bass got a low action as it seems to be called here
I think you need to get into your wrist more. If you can move your wrist back and forth fast Higher Ground becomes a piece of cake.

Oh, and try Thank You by Sly and the Family Stone. The slap in that is much easier than Higher ground
Am I the only one that doesn't use my wrist for power? I just move my thumb.

Anyway, loosen up a bit (still keep your thumb parallel to the string, though) and just take it slow. The best way to learn is first hand experience.
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