hey guys

im just wondering if its possible to cut a hole in my single coil space to make it a humbucker size hole for a HSH config.

im also thinking of just using pos 3, 4 and 5 only (neck, neck+bridge, bridge) on my 5 way selector. do you guys reckon this is possible? thx..
The pickguard IMO is too much hassle, just buy a HsH sized pickguard.

the select switch would be easier and also more worthwile to buy a 3-way switch and re-wire it (then you dont have the 2 and 4 position on your 5 way for no reason)
What would be the point of having an HSH guitar and not using the middle pickup? Why not just go HH?
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yah you're right haha
but i was thinking just cutting em out so i dont have to move the pots over to the other scratchplate
im a real guitar electronics newb and im scared i might sutff it up
d you guys reckon moving pots is too much for a newby like me? thx
And if you buy a H-S-H guard and take out the old one you can eventually load up the old one with different sounding stuff and swap them back and forth. Or get another guitar to put it in! It's win-win-win!
haha beauty!
would i have to desolder wires connected to my input jack to move pickups from one scratchplate to another? thanks
jimzer, if you really want to be lazy, and you only want HH sounds, you could do this:


HH pickguard, 3-way switch, wired and ready to go, pickups included. $40.

The only thing you need to connect is the ground wire from the bridge and the output jack.

easy as.
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