yo ppl

whenever i play powerchords i use my index and pinky.
but when the frets get closer together i change to my index and the 3rd finger.

is this normal?
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always use ring plus inderx no matter where
and also, when you add the octave on (ie 3 note power chord)
then you add the pinky on
the middle finger is there for muting strings above it
for eg if ur playing a A5 on the open a string
ur middle finger goes up and mutes the low E string
It doesn't matter what finger you use for the powerchord's. I know people who use Pinky, and people who use 2nd and some who use 3rd. dw about what you use.

Unless your doing what he said ^^
It's fine, whatever is comfortable for you is fine, don't worry about what is "normal".
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yeah i use my index and pinky and its been workin' out fine for me.When i have to mute a string,like say to play a D to D on the A and G strings i just lay my index finger across the D string.
I get a 3 tone chord with my index and pinky

I just take two with the pinky

it helps it has been broken twice
Power Chords are awesome. As awesome as a goat standing on the back of a cow.

Number two poster is right. At least for me he is. As long as it sounds good and it's comfortable for you, do whatever you want.
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yeah whatever is most natural to you. I mainly use first and ring finger, sometimes i switch to first and pinky though if the frets are more than 3 apart.
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