Caught the Van Halen tour debut last night in Charlotte. I had pretty decent floor seats. Gotta say they are still pretty impressive. They played all 'old school' tunes and no Van Hager songs.It was nice to hear them perform some of the classics and more obsure old VH songs like 'Mean Streets' and 'Little Guitars'.

All in all it was a very good concert. Eddie's still got the chops, though all of his licks are very recognizable. It's amazing to think how much his playing style has influenced rock and metal players from the 80's to shred players today. Almost everyone has copped something from him. He played a quilt-top sunburst Peavey Wolfgang almost the whole time. I was a little bummed out to see the Frankenstrat out for only one song. He pulled out a couple 'striped' Charvels for a few tunes as well. Wolfgang sounded great on bass and backing vocals as well. He played a couple of cool looking 'VH striped' Fender P Basses. That dude's only 15 years old, lucky bastard.

I've always said that if VH ever toured again I'd be there. The last time I saw them was in 1986 with Sammy Hagar. It's nice to see Eddie back doing his thing. After all, he is the original shred master.
It's great to hear Van Halen has been giving decent live performances again.

He really needed to get himself together (again) and maybe this time he will succeed in staying sober.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
i thought this was gonna be van halen in the band 'good charlotte' when i first glanced at the thread title lol
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