Does anybody know of any truly excellent luthiers in the Seattle area?

I have an electric guitar that I roughly estimate is worth about 6 or 7 thousand dollars these days. I had it custom-built in 1988 or 89, and paid about 4 thousand for it then. I waited nearly a year for its completion. It is of the finest quality in just about every way possible (if not in EVERY way).

I have had nut work done twice in the last two months. The first luthier supposedly "repaired" the existing nut, and the second one replaced it. I have surfed the net many times, and have seen many sites regarding how nut work is done. (Steward-MacDonald, for example.) These guys are just not using the same procedures that the "gurus" do, and do not take very much pride in their work. They seem to be simply trying to make their "buck" as quickly as they can.

Sending it to the original maker is no longer possible, and besides, I REALLY do not want to be shipping it around, UPS, Post Office, or any other way.

Thank you to all who take the time to reply.

P.S. I am a journeyman machinist, and I am very skilled at working with my hands, with hand tools, and using precision measuring equipment. Would anybody perhaps recommend that I just purchase my own nut making tools, and attempt to make one myself? Thank you again.
Not being sure which dimension you are referring to as width, I will give you all: the existing nut is .1875 X 1.750 X (approx.) .375. I don't know if it matters, but I do not currently own a gauge to measure the fretboard radius. Thank you for the response.
Sorry! Haha. I totally forgot about this thread.

So, 3/16 x 1 3/4 x 3/8.

Basically, Gibson specs (They often list a guitar 1 3/4", but it can be 1 13/16, 1 23/32"...etc.). Oh, and your string to string spacing also matters...

Here's a link to one that might fit..You'd need to double check your measurements. Make it exact as possible. It seems a bit shorter than yours, by a small increment...But that can be fixed by a small shim.

stewmac.com also sells blanks that you could shape to your exact specs, and just buy some nut files, and you'd be set.
Thank you for the advice. I have been researching nut-making, and have decided to try my hand at it. My first step is to wait until I receive, and then watch, Dan Erlewine's "Nut Making Step-by-Step" video.

Thank you again.
would you mind posting pics of your guitar? I'm curious to see what it looks like.
Thanks for the interest. However, I don't own any of that type of electronic equipment. (Digital camera, for example.)