Hi all

First up, I just registred so don't be mad if this is the wrong forum :p

I registred here because I want to learn how to play the guitar ;D
My brother have a acoustic guitar, and I want to learn on that one to begin with. But, I need some tabs that is REALLY easy, any ideas/links?

If I need to do something else to learn faster or better, please speak up!

Thank you on advance
first pick up your ****ing guitar and learn some chords ( on the net or a book)

then start playing some song you like

last but not least go for easy tabs, then scales etc . u can find everything on UG

if in need of help post a thread ::type
Ok if you want really really easy tabs, go to the tab search box and type in 'Green Day'.

If you actually want to learn to play the guitar, then search for tabs from your favourite artists. Just try play what you hear, and if its hard, then start really slow.

Good luck,