Sorry if this should be under gear, but I really wanted bass players' input, and specifically the input of the people in this forum because I value your opinions a lot more than most of UG. anyway...

So lately I've done away with Chorus on my bass and leave a nice subtle rotary effect on almost all the time instead (sans slapping which I'm just learning and don't do much of anyway). I really love having the high and low frequencies warbling at different rates. And it makes me feel a little bit like I snuck an electric organ into the music.

I've just been using the rotary settings on some multi effects rack units I have. I was wondering if anyone else really loved using rotary speaker simulation with his or her bass, and if so what make and model he or she used to get this effect. I'd been looking at the boss rotary pedal but it is a bit pricey and I wondered how well it would preserve my low end.

I'd also like to know if anyone uses any other effects to tweak the rotary and make it sound great, I've been experimenting with mixing in about 10% of an octave higher pitch from my pitch shifter before hitting the rotary to make the highs stand out a bit from the lows. The only problem is how cheesy the octave sounds (though at only 10% it's not terribly noticable). Any other suggestions?