which one should i buy?

i want one for hard rock and metal.

is ibanez the best for that ?
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i just have an acoustic one but i want an electric one too.

a lot of my friends told me that ibanez is the best for metal and hard rock...
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or go to a shop and test drive everything on the wall.
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ibanez i wouldnt say is the BEST... but it is a very versatile guitar and i guess it's cheap too.

but yeah... do some research, then go to the shop and test out some guitars.

or you could even go to the shop and ask some assistants.
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How much are you willing to spend?
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i dont have one..

what's the best?

The answer is there is no answer to what is the best. EVERYONE will differ in opinion on that. Personally I think that Ibanez are garbage guitars, that look and feel like toys... but thats me. And any guitar that is "pointy" looks stoopid. But again, thats just me.

Point being... is there is no "BEST". Alot of people will tell you Ibenez is a shred/metal guitar.... but Buckethead plays a Gibson Les Paul... and I think he can outplay just about any "shredder" on the planet....Malmstein plays a Fender Strat...

You need to know a price range you are comfortable with and then go try out some guitars. Look for feel, playability, and the overall tones it can produce for you. Don't buy it based on looks alone. AND you don't have to drop a ton of money to get a great guitar.... I Love my Epi LP (granted I did change the pickups).. but for a similar style gibson the cost would have been 4-5 times as much.

The "Best" guitar is the one right for you... oh, and there is nothing wrong with Ibanez guitars.. I just don't like em.
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As far as the guitar goes, Ibanez is good, but I'd go with a Gibson. I'm a diehard Gibson fan, but if you want to save cash, get an Epiphone. Epiphones are basically the same as a Gibson, but made foriegn. That way it's much cheaper. For metal or hard rock, get an SG or an Explorer. They're incredible.
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Jacksons are quite good as well. I remeber someone playing a soloist in my local guitar centre and it sounded pretty decent on cleans and then sang to the high heavens on distortion.
^ good calls there.

do you have $500 to spend on the amp, or $500 for both amp and guitar?
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erm pls tell us how much you want to spend on your guitar as well and name some of the metal bands that you like....

yeah ibanez is nice or try schecter.....