my state sucks
if we don't decide on a budget by tonight
our state will pretty much
"shut down"
no school
no casinos
no lottery
no state services

so how has your week been going?
Wow, that blows....



I live in Northern ireland like, so don't talk to me about ****ty organisation.
Wow, if the schools shut down it means I could see my girlfriend during the day! w00t w00t!

But seriously, I know what you mean. The main problem is that Granholm is a stubborn bitch, but at the same time the republicans in the senate are just as stubborn...and just as bitchy. They need to learn to work together ****in' quick.

She refuses to give any cuts to education and public care, and she will only allow a budget full of tax increases. The irony is that if she doesn't compromise, all of that will be shut down.
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the budget problem?
Michigan is in one of the worst economic states ever
and each year the government and a group of "smart" people
choose our budget for the year
and we should have started in july
they were all on vaction then
so now they can decide on what to waste our money on
and the democrats want this much
and the republicans want this much
and the schools need that much and
and my personal city just recently had a lawsuit against us
something about the roads
and we had to take away busing from the high school
and now its back so we need moar money now

really, how has your week been?
In Belgium, we don't even have our goverment yet. It's a mess everywhere..
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granholms a ****licker. no more alcohol, cigarettes, or gambling. i will die without my rations of jack d
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Wow get used to it, I live in Massachusetts! Do you know how ****ing liberal we are? I have had to deal with this stuff all my life, it just becomes something you live with.
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it's not by tonight, they have the whole weekend, and i don't think they're gonna close schools, just things that are not essential like lotteries, casinos, ect...but yea, it sucks
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I heard some of our tax money went towards our governor's make up for his speech. Silly Illinois.
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my weeks going ok. Finger's sore, i have one of those little sores that come from nowhere beside your fingernail. Luckily, it's on my right hand, so i can still play guitar easy. I'm thinking about going out to the mall here in a few. Buy some news clothes and stuff. Maybe I can get Katie to meet me there. She's this chick i started talking to a little while ago, lives near the mall. She's okay, but a bit of a *****.
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I'm about to go to a football game. Anderson vs. Winton Woods, its our homecoming game so we should win. and Toms i'm going to homecoming with my girlfriend. It'll be sweet. But for dinner we are going to go to a resturant in Kentucky. I'm worried they might make me take my shoes off at the bridge! But after dinner I'll be safe and sound back in Cincinnati. Dancing the night away.
They're not going to shut down the schools, they're just going to stop funding them.

Assuming it doesn't get worked out, of course.
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