I am lost as of now. I am looking for a great ska/reggae sound and a solid punk sound from the line 6 floor pod plus. Any reccomendations on settings?
yeah, unplug that thing and play clean with a touch of reverb for ska, and crank up some amp distortion for the punk. simple.
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Ok, it has a clean channel so I guess I could just use the clean channel and throw some reverb on it... I don't want to unplug it. I used to play clean through the amp. I have a tubed fender deville. It sounded pretty good but still not the sound I am looking for. Also, I know I am going to catch heat for this but right now I am playing a mexi strat. I want a tele... I'm sure that upgrade will help all my sound issues as well.
Ska sounds great through the clean channel.
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