Hi guys,

I just got a beautiful BC Rich Dragons Blood Red Mockingbird neck thru NJ Series with cloud inlays, Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncans. I paid only $280.00, it's used but in mint condition. I think it is a deal. The previouse owner blocked the tremelo with two small blocks of wood that I will remove as soon as I get it home.

I was wondering if anyone has one of these. I checked it out and I really thought it was a nice ax for the money. The only problem is they just got it in and I have to wait 5 days before I can pick it up. So I can't post any pics at this time. I wanted a brand new BC Rich Special, Guitar Center was selling for $390.00 but I waited too long and someone grabbed it.

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You lucky bastard

whats the point of this thread
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nice, the NJs are awesome. i'm currently GASing for a classic exotic mockingbird with a spalted maple veneer
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I pick it up Monday and I'll post pics as soon as I get it home. It just came into the store a couple days before I grabbed it so the law says they have to hold on to it for so many days just in case it's hot. I paid for it and it's on layaway until Mon so it's mine.

I posted this to see what anyone might think. I felt it was a good deal but wasn't sure. I was also hoping to see if anyone had one. I was going to wait to buy it but I was sure it wouldn't last long at the price they were asking. I got them down a bit plus they thru in a new set of strings and gig bag. The guy I got it from said he could give me a good deal on a Coffin case for it. When I go back I am giong top see what he can give me the case for.

Splatted maple looks great. I have been searching for saome good venners I can do some guitar tops with.
I wish they didnt use Nato instead of mahogony.That would some of thier guitars way awesome.
holy **** thats gorgeous and i just **** myself
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That looks like a nice find man! Wish I had one now...

I had(have) a lower end BC Rich, and it is/was horrible. It's kind of scared me away from the brand....but I think that beauty could bring me back!
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Nice guitar, but I can think of at least one place where they money could have been better spent...
Thanks guys, I have been looking at it and realized there is no locking nut on the guitar. I always thought that was standard with the Floyd Rose.

Just a little update on my Mockingbird.

After a while I figured out why I got this guitar so cheap. The original owner messed up the LFR trem by blocking it and then trying to adjust it striping out the pivot screws. I brought it to my luthier and he had a better quality used LFR trem in his parts bin. He replaced it set it up all for $65.00. Now, I thought the guitar played well and sounded great before I had it repaired. When I got it home it was 100% better. It plays like a dream now and just sounds so much better. Jim, my repairman said he loved the guitar and he said "I play a lot of guitars in this bussiness and that Mockinbrid was one of the better ones I played." After I got it home I knew exactly what he meant. So in all I am into the guitar for $280.00 and put $65.00 into it for a total of $345.00 still a deal in my book. It came with already 2 duncans installed.

I consider myself a bit of a BC Rich 'boffin'(sp). I have seen and played quite a lot of them, and that is one of the most beautiful guitars I have seen in ages/ever.
Grats on your awesome find.
**** son how many guitars do you have? are all the cases behind the mockingbird filled? are they yours more importantly?

and that is a sexy mockinbird i wanna pick up the neckthru stringthru version with a black gloss finish.... not trems for me but hey to each his own! great deal too!
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I love this guitar myself. When I saw it hanging on the wall at Guitar Center I forgot all about the one I actually went there to buy. This one was a little over$100.00 less and IMHO a lot better looking than the ebony special X Mockingbird I wanted. I asked the guy what would be the lowest they could go and they took off a little more and with the tax.

They are all mine except for one I am redoing for my nephew. I have about 30 in all. 26 working 4 or 5 I am either rebuiding or refinishing. There is nothing vintage in my collection unless you consider a couple old Hondos and an Aria bass. The rest are between 12 years old and newer. I actually have two guitars coming soon an Epiphone Les Paul that needs work I won on Ebay for $66.00 and an acoustic/electric my gf Stacy is buying me for Christmas. I get carried away when I collect somthing. LOL
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