hey i was wondering if someone could tell me the effect pedal that makes that wah0ish kinda noise, but its a little more subtle.. its always used on cleans (all i hear at least) ... the 2 people i hear use it most were Jerry Garcia and tim mahoney (311)... it makes that bubbly sounding noise (to me at least ) and i dont know what it is.. beyond the gray sky by 311 is a example of this.. or almost any jerry solo from grateful dead

i'm guessing either a uni-v (you can get it in the boss v-wah pedal) or an auto wah.
it's an autowah. They don't make the same model that tim mahoney uses anymore, I can't remember what's it's called either. But i want one
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
sounds like a wah or autowah.
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