i just got this guitar today
saw it at the shop and had a bit of a play
it sounded great
of course it was being played through a mesa boogie massively huge godly amp
but i think the guitar somehow contributed to the wonderful sound
i somehow bargained the guy down to 550$ australian
including bag, strap and crappy picks with their name and number on it
it retails for around $1000+ so im guessing i got a good deal
i had a choice between and schecter diamond series omen for $425
i chose the ESP of course
what do you guys think?
what are your opinions on the guitar
and anything i need to know?
i havent found a review on it yet

By the way how do i post pics?
link is good enough i guess


cause this thing looks great with the see-through black cherry
great sound & sutain with the set neck
beats the shi* outta my peavey
opinions? comments? suggestions?
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if you like it, good for you.

Personally, the agathis body of the models below LTD 300 series is a big turn off for me. You can probably get the mahogany bodied 300 series in ebay for around the same price.
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Sorry to be blunt, but you just bought a overpriced starter guitar.
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As for the guitar, here are the reasons:
1. Agathis. It's Mahogany light, in weight, price, and sound (less defined and deep)
2. Made elsewhere instead of Japan or the US.
3. Not very popular...most people get G-400's.
4. Humbuckers not a brand name (still pretty darn good IMHO). ESP Designed < ESP passives < ESP actives
5. Basic LTD tuners (get the job done, but don't lock or have particularly large gear ratios)

And for the price, well, from what I see around here, Australia is consistently getting shafted. In your case, you did very well...they run $419 US new (no picks and extras), which is 477.44 AUD.
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so its crap?
or did i just pay too much
does that mean i should take it back??
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It is agathis, but some people prefer that to the thicker mahogany tone. I rekon you got a great deal the retail price is a total ripoff although $550 ... good job man. Just throw some grovers and a bridge pup of your choice and it should kikass.
na i rekon a ltd 200 series would be far better then an omen. But if you could put your bargaining skills to good use and maybe try and get a shecter damien 6 then that would probably be better then the viper. Also check out the epiphone G400's i bought one just recently and i love the meaty tone you get from it although it's so neck heavy and a real risk to play standing up .
it happened that the manager of the store was in a band that i went and saw and we caught up
so i managed to persuade him
but this store doesnt sell schecter
anyways ive bought it now
may aswell play it
what exactly can it play?
is it not good for some songs?
what songs is it good for?
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should i have bought the omen!?

check out a Ibanez RG321MH, cheap, but good wood and good neck. Good guitar to upgrade with a pickup change and then you are set.
yer you still got a great deal lol.
Being a esp/ltd it was made for rock and metal. So you should really be able to go from silverchair up to in flames if needed. For the bridge maybe try a duncan custom custom or something. Or if you can get a fair nit of money together you can pick up a zakk wylde 81 85 emg combo set for like .... $280 or something when the pickups indivdually would be $360+ but if you go active then you'll want to have both pickups active.
should i go active or passive?
some people say passive.. others say active..
i play rock and metal
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Active is more to mess around with and you do need to buy 2 new pickups. Go for blackouts if you can find them i hvant had any luck over hear in Perth though. EMG's are awesome to and are alot easier to find the 81 85 ZW combo is great value as i mentioned earlier. You can get them for the parice on ebay or at billy hydes or the billy hydes site or at onlinemusicstore.com.au. If your're getting pickups check out ebay and some online sites as it will probably be cheaper then your local store.
EMG's are ACTIVE pickups and if you want them it is highly recommended that you get 2 EMG's so your pickup set is all active. Or you can go all passive and get a 59 and a custom custom or whatever rocks your boat. But it's best not to mix active and passive together.
ok, got it
right now ive got no spare cash anyway
so when i put new pups in its 2 emgs
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Ahh good to know we got that sorted :P
But yer when it comes to pickups definately check out ebay or some online stores as they are genrally cheaper. Although with local shops they might chuck in some picks and a strap or something like that you will probably get an overall better deal online. I hear the syemour duncan blackouts *active* are better then emg's and alot of artists who were using emg's have now swapped over to them. Alexi Laiho and Corey Beulieu to name a few. If you can find them over hear then they will probably better but i have no idea how expensive they are as i havnt had any luck finding them yet, although they shouldnt be that different to the price of emg's.
okay thanks
ill look up the seymour duncans later
off to play the dam thing now
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I think the reason why people say its overpriced is because you said $550 which implied it was U.S. dollars. In Austrailia things are usually a bit higher priced aren't they? Wouldn't it be the usual deal in Austrailia anyway?
Oh, and agathis isn't a bad tone wood, it just the crap parts they put on the agathis-bodied guitars.
By the way, if you want good Active pickups, check out Seymour Duncan Blackouts.