well the other day at my local music shop this lady polished my SG b/c she was putting fast fret on it so she figured she would just polish it too. Well the polish was some kind of cream and i got stuck in the wood grain and i dont know how to get it out..any suggestions?
I think you better take it to her, she is the one who did it. Its only fair you make her do it "right", you paid for it.
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yeah you go back find the bitch who did it smash her with a cheap ass instrument and let her no not to darte destroy the beauty and integrity of such a beautiful instrument =]

Maybe, let her buff it out though, she buggered it up in the first place.
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maybe but u might scratch or damage your guitar. Id go to her and like everyone else said make her do it....

The faded sg (which is also my main guitar) has not finish on it. So the grain is still there, unlike many other guitars who have filler, paint, and a clear coat. So you really have to be careful what you use...

honestly, id be pissed... I love my guitar... it take it to them and say fix it, or pay for my guitar
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^ yea thats waht im gonna do..i love my SG faded, its my first and only gibson and i got if for christmas last year...i really hope they can fix it....if not my teacher knows a luthier and im sure he can fix if or refinish it ....