I did a search, found no threads dedicated to sweedish metallers, Arch Enemy.

Discuss, post pictures, talk about their rigs and sound, fav songs/albums, angela, whatever. Enjoy.

To live is to Die...
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Listening to them right now.

The best song HAS to be either Nemesis or the instrumental Hybrids of Steel. Which I recently bled learning =]
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dimebag put as much emotion in to 9/10 of his solos as hitler showed when putting jews in syanide showers.

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angela's hot lol and her voice makes her seem foceful = evn hotter...plus shes an absolute bitcfh to her fans most of the time so i could get commitmentless quickie tbh...... you need to keep the Mike and Christopher together on the guitars otherwise its just not arch enemy is it?
nope! no other combo could do what those two do together...amazing!!!! i love them learning most of their new album now... about 4 songs in!
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I think we can all really agree that nothing is more metal than playing a Telecaster....On fire.

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The rest of the album is brilliant but that one song just really gets right on my tits for some reason