ive got a gig coming up in a couple of days and not enough time to get my guitar restrung and get the new strings worn in so they dnt go out of tune so quickly.
any advice on how i can get dirt out of my strings whichout buying new ones?
try boiling them
if you do it wrong though your screwed
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umm well im not sure if this is exactly what you want but this is what i do on like a weekly basis - get small cloth and at the bridge of your guitar put it under a string, then pulling upwards gently, drag the cloth to the top of the string. repeat a few times for each string, and that'll get like any really nasty crap off. then use a string lube to shine em up.




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a couple of days?

just restring them yourself which takes like 10minutes, then spend a few hours busting them in
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a couple of days?

just restring them yourself which takes like 10minutes, then spend a few hours busting them in

yea, it dosnt take that long to break strings in
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just get new strings, and stretch them carefully at like the 12th fret then re-tune and repeat till they stay in tune. if you have a whammy bar, lubricate the nut with pencil lead so they go back in tune when you release the bar
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omg.....put new strings on, play for about 2 or 3 hours, a day, within 2 days they should be good lol
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yeah you used the term "get my guitar re-strung". do you not re-string your own guitar? you should have new strings for every gig also. guitar will sound dull if you play with those strings. i re-string my guitar every 2 weeks unless i have a gig.
I'm sorry to tell you this man but cleaning them will do nothing from making them sound dull... You just need to restring and clean it. It shouldn't go out of tune with new strings unless their is something wrong with the guitar (ie the bridge is messed up). The only way it would take a long time to string is if you had locks, and if you had locks it wouldn't go out of tune if you put new strings...

Point being just put new strings on... Clean it would be a good idea too...