so i'm in grade 9, and we don't start high school until grade 10 where I live. the other day my folks went to curriculum night and my teacher said if i happen to keep my marks up, he'd reccommend me for the IB program.

I hear some pretty good things about IB, and some pretty bad. Is it really that hard? Like I hear people who take it don't have much of a social life and that the IB program is really time consuming. But I hear you can like skip a year of university if you graduate within the IB program. and what's up with that extended essay? Is it all that hard?

is IB really worth going into? Or should I just take some AP classes next year.

yeah i apologize if theres been a 1000 threads on this question.
I'm taking IB. I don't know about AP, but IB is definitely a lot more difficult. My friends who are in USA doing AP are taking it real easy, while I'm struggling in IB. The curriculum is less in-depth than A Levels, but beause of stuff like TOK, CAS, EE and IAs, you get a lot less free time.

Extended Essay, or EE, is a requirement for you to pass IB. Depending on the subject, you need to type a 4000 word essay (i think) about your topic. For example, if you're doing a bio ee, like me (unfortunately), you'll have to do some experiments and evaluate and come up with a conclusion. Just that you'll have to "zhng" it up A LOT. If you wanna go to a good university, your EE is gonna help a lot.

I guess if you wanna enter a good university, IB is gonna be better. but if you want a more relaxed curriculum and a better social life, go for AP.
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