I am posting on behalf of a friend who is not a member...

He is just starting to learn to play with my old guitar which I sold him. He has broken and left arm/wrist about 4 times >.<... I try to get him to do a barre so he can play some power chords, since a lot of the music he likes is based on those, not to mention they are easy to play. The problem is, he says he cant put his thumb on the back of the neck the way I show him to. I tell him to put it on either vertically to at an angle to the neck. He always puts his palm against the back of the neck, and claims that he cant do that with his wrist. He has much, much smaller hands than I, so he can't get away with as much as I can. Am I tell him him improper technique? Is that why he can't barre?

I've tried to just get him to play a power chord with 3 fingers and hopefully make the rest of his hand mute the other strings, but he cant stretch his fingers more than 1 fret since he has small hands and always has his palm flat to the neck.

I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's rather hard to explain.

Any suggestions?