Metaphorically Speaking

Am I running so far to see nothing
But everything the workers do?
As the floorboards creak and the stairway sighs
Ask anyome when will this mess subside?
Bring the rain from within the cloudy skies
Open the way for a new gloryfied sunrise

The pain and all the stress
Rundown under the weight of regret
Feel the grasp of everything
That life has brought to me

All that **** was a creak in the hinge
Through the door that we peak around
We see the wreckage of shattered mirrors
That echoe back the truth of our lives
Directly under the light we see them today
Yeah, it's right the truth does hurt me

I know it will come
I know I will find
A place to fill my mind

I know it will come
I know I will find
Everything I wanted in time

Forever I'll stay awake in consciousness
And forever I'll stay awake to live the days
Whenever I gradually lose my consciousness
Will I scream in hypocrisy for him to help me?

We've lost ourselves in our metaphors
We've lost ourselves in allegory
We've lost the ones worth fighting for
We've lost ourselves so subtely...
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