dont know if this is the right forum but here goes.

I spent years playing metal and have recently really begun getting more into rock,harder rock.so i try to write some rock music but it always seems to end up sounding to metal.there seems to be a fine line between the two that is easily crossed.so my question is what makes rock sound rock?if that makes sense.is it the amp setting the drums the eq etc or all of the above?i know this sounds simple but i am in a bit of a rut over it and any help would be nice thanks
I'd say that you should empathise the vocals more and stop using palm muted 0-0-0-0-0-0 riffs. Get more into chords.
^ seconded.

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i tottaly agree with Philipp...and change the amp settings....lower the bass, and perhaps raise middle and high....jup...use chords...
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lower the treble.
Ease off the palm mutes.
Strum full chords, and let them ring, rather than tryin to play fast
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yea i have been doing that bands that are in what i call rock that i really dig and want to incorporate into my style are velvet revolver,down,black label society,aerosmith,gnr,rolling stones,some david bowie,led zep,queen and alice in chains.i am so used to playing death metal and thrash i think it is engrained in my playing to a degree
Im an old metal mead that has slowly reverted back to rock in my playing, ive found that powerchords can make a song sound simple. Its not really about what style you play as long as you can make it jam and jive you know. Don't worry if it sounds like rock or metal just as long as it sounds good, some of the best lick are simple just played wicked fast, i guess what im trying to say is there is no way to destinguish fock from metal after all it is a very broad genra, just keep it rockin man
Time and space.

Look at the best classic bands - take ACDC for example, especially old material. Great use of time and space, delays between the chords, ya know, really creative and effective stuff.

Also use a overdrive not distortion, lay back on it, more mids, and just get into the groove, try not to add open palm mutes so much, add more inversions and full chords, etc.

Hope that helps mate.
its probably best just to get a sound you like and not care what category its in. for real.