So currently, I have an Alnico V in my Agile AL-3100. I want my Dimarzio Super Dist in it.

Here's what I'd like answered.

My alnico has the same wires as the Dimarzio. (Black, white, red, green). I've installed the dimarzio in my Epi SG before, the stock pups didn't have all those wires.

When I went to open my Agile, I picked out the bridge pickup wires, and poked around in there a bit. I've come to the conclusion that soldering all the wires in place of the current ones is going to be one bitch of a problem. However, seeing as how all the wires are the same (color wise, and they're all connected the way the colored wires on my Dimarzio are)**, I figured it'd be a LOT easier to just snip about two inches off of the Alnico V and just twist/solder the wires from the Dimarzio onto the open end of the already soldered wires in the guitar. Would this result in any buzzing/odd coloration of the sound produced by the Super Dist? If it's going to be a drastic change then I'd rather take the time to work around and properly solder all the wires from the SD to the proper points, but by the looks of it that is going to be a pretty tedious task.

So... would it hurt to just connect the wires from the current pup? If it would, please elaborate on the effects of doing this. Thanks in advance!

**I'm not sure if that's a universal pickup thing. The only reason I don't think it is is because of my Epi's stock pups, but they were extremely cheap obviously. Most sets of pups cost more than the entire guitar I had there. :/
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