Chord progression is really nice. I don't think you should use that effect on your voice, though. You have a really good voice, I think it would sound better natural. The recording quality is good. The only real big problem I have is the lyrics. They seem too cliche'. You don't paint any kind of picture or imaginable situation with your words. It's just a little dry and vague. I think if you spiced things up in that area, and recorded vocals over again without the effect, you'd have a great song. Thanks for criting mine, by the way.

vocals need some work, the vocal effect is off, push the vocasl to the front rather than leaving them sorta hanging there, they kidna sound liek karaoke vocals

a few missed notes with the singing but hey it's hard too not miss a few i know

so yeh bring the vocals to teh front, make them cleaner, and maybe work on the lyrics they get a tad cliche

its a good standard sorta song, it all flows well, nice job man!

Is this a Nickleback cover or something..? If not, i agree it does sound influenced by them. Anyway, i liked the effect on the vocals and liked the chord progressions. Also like how the dist guitar kicks in on the chorus. Very good job, thanks for critting mine!
actualyl teh song was relaly good...i enjoyed it....the only thign is teh vocals.....u haev a godo voice....no need to drown it out with effects....i say let us hear you more.....and eyah this oen def. has potential....i relaly couldnt detect any nickle back....to me it sonded oringal and fresh...and a great mix....everythign mixed and EQ'd nicely....really enjoyed it...Keep rockin....!!!!!...PEAC EOUT