Wow... kept me interested all the way through. Kick ass riffs, seriously. Since you added that effect to the drum track, it should have been mixed lower. It detracts the listeners attention from the guitar and overall direction of the song. That's about the only complaint I have. The guitar tone was a little too heavy on the low end for my personal taste, but didn't sound bad.

You can check out "Reign"

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that was pretty neat, interesting recording style with the heavy compression on the drums. gave it a breathing sort of effect. plus all the phase or flange (can never tell which is which) that made it sorta flow. riffs complimented everything pretty well. the beginning seemed a little out of time.. but the rest shifted nicely. i liked the 'lead' that was near the end. simple yet effective

care to crit mine?

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Great song man. I think you should rerecord the guitard with more high end though. I really like the filters on the drums and the whole song had a great flow. Awesome beats too.
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