Second post, I'm already asking for more help. Makes me feel like a leech. =P

But. My primary guitar, which is by a company called Gould (they're not very common, but they make Gibson copies and other such guitars) is a Randy Rhoads style (Shark fin shape) with a Floyd Rose on it. I have no idea what I'm doing with that, which is why I generally let my dad do all the messing about with it. However. He restrung it a few weeks ago, and didn't have enough time to adjust the bridge properly. So now it's not perfectly straight. Which is okay. It sounds fine on the whole. But, my problem is, that a few of the frets randomly buzz. I think it's the tenth and thirteenth on the B string, and the tenth on the G string. And I'm wondering what causes it. None of the frets before or after it are affected, just them. Any suggestions on how to solve it?
Raise the action just a hair, and make sure the bridge is level. Those frets also might be a touch higher or lower than the others, if you're still having problems, you might want to get the frets leveled. It's pretty expensive though.
when you say it's not straight. do you mean the bridge is lifted? (raised)
or do you mean tilted, as in higher on high or low E side?

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