I currently use the gear as seen in my sig.
I play anything from blues to thrash metal, which the Mesa handles nicely.
In the next 2 weeks i am emigrating and thinking of getting an Orange Rockerverb 50 with an Orange PPC212 2X12 Cab.
What are your thoughts on this considering the type of music i play and the guitars i play it with? I've never had an Orange amp before.
Any comments or recommendations greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance all you lovely people out there.
My gear:
Fender 50th anniv American Strat Deluxe NICE
Fender Eric johnson Strat SEXY
Gibson SG Special Gothic II RAW
Ibanez JS 1000 VERSATILE
Gibson Les Paul Custom OOH BABY
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head & Cab LET'S ROCK
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well the Orange will sound more like a marshalley tone and will handle blues and rock great but its not going to do thrash
For metal/thrash you might want to look elsewhere... the orange sounds amazing for basically everything else.
Mesa or 5150 would be more along the lines of what you need in all reality.
The Orange could do it, but not as well as the above 2.
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