So i bought this new guitar, a Bc Rich Warlock NT, and i was very happy with the arriving of my guitar, until...

I was used to play on a string-thru guitar, and so you will get used to play with your hand on the string-thru part. Now, on my new guitar, the string-thru part is exchanged for a licensed FR tremolo. And i'm used to play with my hand on that part, but everytime i do that now, my snares bend cause of the tremolo.

So...am i got to get used to play another way, or does somebody else got a better solution?
No, not al all. Sorry a wrong expanation, i just was used to lay my hand down there because it played comfortable.
Aha, that explains it. Well, if it's really causing the pitch of your notes to change that noticeably, you're probably pushing your hand on the bridge too hard. All I can say is try not to push hard on the bridge, just let your hand relax.
Thanks, i will try.

Edit: And what about tremolo picking? I used to play at decent speed, but thats gone too.
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Yeah, getting a floating trem will force you to change your right hand technique. I had to get used to a much lighter touch, which was a good thing´.
Heh, so its gonna improve your playing or not? Because i was only used to play on string-thru's, i couldn't play on normal guitars :P
If you can pursuade yourself to letting go of old habits then I think it might help your playing style... Play around with it a little. Palm mute very lightly at various positions relative to the bridge and find the place where it sounds chunkiest. That's your basic hand position. Don't anchor your hand at all, but practice alternating between palm muting and not palm muting. Then speed it up. Fiddle around like that for as long as you can be bothered (find good songs that alternate a lot). Then try going back to your fixed bridge guitar and feel the difference...