What scales? I can't figure it out.

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Let me know if it is...

Stockholme Syndrome and Hysteria are good examples of what I'm looking for.
The major escale, in different keys and modes.
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Thanks. What do you mean by different modes and keys. I never did understand that stuff...
I've only heard a bit of Muse, and I don't have any of their albums, but a few songs sound painfully like harmonic minor.
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yea, some of thier songs are weird sounding
Erm, that's not quite what he meant.
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The major escale, in different keys and modes.

I'd personally try the minor first

Hysteria is jumps a bit between the natural minor and the harmonic minor
a quick glance, and the chords you'd use if you wanted to do an acoustic rendition would be Am - E - Dm - Am for the intro verse. Then C - G - Dm - Am for the chorus. Both are pretty typically minor sounding progressions. That E major chord would be taken from the A harmonic minor but he kind of has both going on at once with the bass riff there.
Theres also another note snuck in in main bass riff, on the second section theres a Bb in there. Can't be bothered to figure out what it is harmonically, but I've seen a lot of Muse songs have various ascending/descending chromatic bits worked into them.

I'm still working out on figuring out Stockholm Syndrome
the first riff Stockholm Syndrome is in D phrygian dominant, which is actually a mode of the harmonic minor scale.
its a bitch to figure out what he's doing with that long sequence of chords in the verse
alright, heres what I've got for now, certainly not 100% correct
Dm - C - Bm - Bb
i bVII vii bVII
you could say D minor, but that Bm would out of D major

Dm - C#dim - F - D/F#
i vii° III I
the Dm and C#dim would say D harmonic mionr
that F leads back to D natural minor
and it finally goes to D major

Gm - F - E - Eb
iv III ii bII
Gm and F are out of the D natural minor again
no idea whats going with that Em, another turn D major I guess?
the Eb is out the D phygrian dominant

Em - A7 - A - A
and I don't like these chords here too much, not to sure about the Em, but the A and A7 are both chords very obviously from D harmonic minor in this context

also, with what the bass is playing in account, a lot of these are actually voiced as inversions

then you have the chorus with the big grand sounding arpeggios
F - A - Dm - Bb
all of those are out of D natural minor except the A, which is taken of the D harmonic minor

so to sum things up:
natural minor
harmonic minor
the major scale

modulate between these three!
the modes in general
chord inversions!
descending/ascending chromatic bits hidden amongst the chord progression
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This is very helpful indeed. Admittedly I understand none of it. But I know that when I get around to learning music theory, this information will be very useful.

Minor and harmonic minor should get you by for most things, harmonic especially on BHaR. He's also a fan of the half-whole diminished scale, a la "Plug in Baby" and if I remember correctly, "The Small Print" and one bit in "Hyper Music."

Also, there's one really interesting scale in KoC, like:


or something like that, which I only remember because Jonny Greenwood used it in "Airbag." Don't quote me on that though.