I'm on the mizzarket for a new guitar.
I have around 700 dollars Canadian to spend, and I'm not sure what to get.
I've been looking at the Jaguar with humbuckers and at some Ibanez's but I could do with some help deciding. I like to play stuff like at the drive-in/tool/mastodon but also some stuff like bowie/white stripes/smashing pumpkins if thats any help at all.

anyways, if someone could tell me some nifty musicmakers in my price range that would be boss.
luckily for you the american dollar is crap right now.. go american! look for a used blueshawk... ibanez rg1570...
oh snap! check the shecters out..c1 classic/ hellraiser.. theres a few. ones a semi hollowbody which is mad tight... they are all nice ... the shecters are real nice.. ihad the c1 classic.. put in some new pickups and they are butter.. right around 7 hundo..

happy huntin season
both the washburn and schecter are awesome choices, and yeah, luckily for you, your $ is worth more than ours (by like a hundreth of a cent, but still :' ( )

maybe cross the border for a day so you don't have to pay anything extra on shipping?
A Jag with humbuckers would be imence, handle all those styles and couple that with Fender playability you will have an awesome axe, might need a pickup change to something with a higher output.
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