ok so my friends a guitar noob and plugged his guitar to some speakers he had like the speaker cabinets. anyways he said he got a clean tone but it wasn't taht loud. he was thinking of getting a line 6 amp and i was like no way those amps sucks. anyways he wanted a way to amplify the guitar sound so he can hear it in his speakers. he also wants effects too and i told him to get a preamp. so my question is is that what he shold get for this situation? and any links would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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Tech 21 Sansamp. good distortions on it at least, not too many fx. There are some tube preamps, but they are more expensive.
The old tube SansAmps sound great. I haven't heard the newer digital ones.
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What's his budget?
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A preamp into a cab wont help either. What he wants is a power amp, that amplifies your guitar sound. But its weird he just wants to "amplify" his guitar sound just like that. It'll sound crap.

Get a good amplifier. Not something such that it'll just louden your guitar sound.
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he has like a cab?

just tell him to get a good combo amp like a vox vavletronix.
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