Hi there, intermediate player here. Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question.

So I'm trying the intro on "old man", which looks like this (missing a bar, not important):


I can't figure out how to strum these notes so accurately...it's clearly not picked, but when I try to strum the exact string, I'm usually hitting one above or one below, and/or too much ringing afterwards. Do you think I just need to work on my strumming precision, or is he muting the strings just at the right moments to get the notes he wants?

Thanks for any input
Finger pick it, don't strum or pick it with a pick.
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The thing about Neil Young's playing style is it's very relaxed and "sloppy." He doesn't try and hit every note perfectly, but rather fingers a chord and then picks somewhat recklessly with his right hand. You shouldn't try and play the tab note for note, just fret the chord and mess around with the hammer-ons until it feels comfortable for you.

Just to clarify, I'm definitely not criticizing his playing style, I play the same way.
i personally play the chord and decide when to use the hammerons by ear. I also partially palm mute for that chord. Ur lucky that it is such a recognizable chord, u dont have to play it perfect for people to know the song.