In my opinion, YES. Everything I play just sounds better, I love it so much.

What is UG's opinion?
12's are great. That is mine and probably most of UG's opinion. That is, for certain types of music. In essence, 12's are great for cetain genres and THAT is UG's Opinion.
I love it too but my voice can't get used to the tonality. I know that's dumb because an E note is an E note is an E note so I should be able to sing regardless, but the combined octaves throw me off.

But the guitar by itself sounds ridiculously gorgeous.
Yeah, theyre great for instrumental type stuff I reckon. they give such a full sound, makes them good solo where a 6string wouldnt be as good
Drop tune to D for the same feeling with a 6 string?
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Drop tune to D for the same feeling with a 6 string?

not sure what your talking about but nothing compares to a 12 string, theres just something about em
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Oh ja they sound awesome. Apparently they dont last long though because of the increased tension on the neck

I call BS. Theres no reason that a 12 string guitar shouldn't last upwards of 20 years if its set up properly and maintained properly.
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Wiki says

"The tension placed on the instrument by the strings is great, and because of this, 12 string guitars have a reputation for warping after a few years of use. Some twelve-string guitars have non-traditional structural supports to prevent or postpone such a fate, at the expense of appearance and tone. Until recently, twelve-string guitars were nearly universally tuned lower than the traditional EADGBE, to reduce the stresses on the instrument. Lead Belly famously used a low C-tuning, as did Beau on his Dandelion recordings."
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In my opinion, YES. Everything I play just sounds better, I love it so much.

What is UG's opinion?

i do believe i had to change my pants the first time i played one....now i own a 12 string acoustic...and 12 string electric....
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I love my 12 string. It's a good 25-35 years old I think (I reckon 70s or early 80s), and it sounds awesome.
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I love my 12 string. Although it is a cheap Fender one
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The first guitar I ever played was a 12 string, A girl at camp taught me the riff to "Just Like Heaven" and I was hooked
I dont own one yet but i have my eyes on one.
are 12 strings good for playin fingerstyle? like for example, tommy emmanuel stuff? cos thats majorly what i play and im kinda interested in that big full sound but i imagine it would be quite difficult...