cheers. i just moved to nyc not too long ago and just trying to find some great music/guitar stores to pick up gear, get repairs and setups (aside from sam ash and guitar center). any help would be great, thanks!
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Cool list, that's the main drag.

Further downtown, there's 30th Street Guitars. Very cool vintage stuff in there. Click this link to Chelsea Guitars, because that's what playing guitar in NYC is all about.

Way downtown, I really like Ludlow Guitars. Another nice vintage gear shop.

Welcome to town, and good luck!
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i love you slats.
Damn man, I wished I moved to NYC (live in CT now, so not taht bad) You have an great selection of shops. Musician's Row (42nd street if I'm not mistaken) is absolutely amazing. Manny's and Rudy's alone could entertain me for a looong time. Out of the ones slatsmania mentioned, I like 30th street guitars the best. NYC is a great place for guitar shops.
damm i wish i lived in NY ive always wanted to live there, i wanna move there when im older...... that'd be cool
thanks for the list so far. yea, i'm really digging new york. i'm originally from austin, texas, so its pretty different here compared to back home.

i stumbled upon musician's row last week and rudy's now has $200 of mine, haha. i really liked rudy's.

i've heard of a few places in williamsburg. does "main direct" sound familiar to anyone? or anyone know of any good places in williamsburg?

thanks again!